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How to make math more enjoyable for your child.

Math does not always come naturally to children and many may need to liven up the subject at home. Here are just some ideas to do this with your child.

  • Roll the dice. Dice can be used in so many different ways when it comes to math. ...

  • Play math bingo. ...

  • Find fun ways to teach multiplication. ...

  • Turn regular board games into math games. ...

  • Make a recipe.

  • Use the web. Games like Prodigy, Mathville, and Dreambox are good learning games and many children like their devices so make them a learning tool.

  • Teach them how math works in real life. It gives the subject more meaning.

  • Connect math and language. Your fabulous reader may be a little reluctant when it comes to math but here is where your literature may help. Some suggestions are "Me Counting Time" by Joan Sweeney, "Get Up And Go!" by Stuart Murphy and Greg Tang has some books that discuss different math concepts.

Building math confidence can be challenging for students. The key is that children have to realize that it is okay to make mistakes. We learn from them. When students work on building math confidence they are more likely to handle more difficult math problems. As parents you have to use praise for your child's hard work and let your child know that it takes practice and time to become better at math. Teach your child the value of mistakes. They are an important lesson for successful learning.The brain develops each time a mistake is made. It is also important to teach your child the importance of self-reliance. Self-reliance enables children to be motivated and more secure in their work not only in math but in life.

Lastly, it is about practice, practice, practice and make it fun.

Another great website that helps with math is Khan Academy. Remember it is important to develop number sense which means that you are able to work out a problem from scratch rather than memorizing. Khan Academy is a great tool to practice this skill. If you want to discuss this further please feel free to contact me in regards to your child.

An example of number sense is below:

45 × 28 = 90 × 14

This problem is a little easier to tackle. With a bit of number sense, you can break this multiplication into parts, noting that:

90 × 14 = (90 × 10) + (90 × 4)

= 900 + 360

= 1,260

Like it or not, math is part of all of our lives and the best way to get through all the agony is to start to enjoy it by breaking it down to more manageable pieces to it is not so foreign to you.

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