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Are you prepared for finals and AP exams which are approaching?

Updated: Mar 29

It's crucial to start preparing early for exams. This allows for effective time management and reduces last-minute stress. Reviewing material regularly helps reinforce understanding and retention. Creating a study schedule can help stay organized and cover all topics adequately. It's important to take breaks to prevent burnout and maintain focus during study sessions. Make sure to stay hydrated, get enough sleep, and eat healthy to support optimal cognitive function during exam preparation.

Preparing for exams can feel overwhelming. It is very difficult to remember an entire semester's information from one class let alone multiple classes. In addition every teacher has a different exam format: free response, essays, multiple choice, the list is endless.

The key to taking these exams is to develop a strategy to allow you to keep the all the necessary information straight. This approach takes some time so that you can organize the information for each subject and break it down into chunks of information which will enable you to deepen your understanding of the material. This will also prevent you from overstudying content that you are versed in and concentrate on what you are not confident in. Lastly, this will improve the likelihood that you can remember the answer to the question when it matters the most, on the exam.

Some pointers for you to use:

a. Space out your studying and allow enough time for each subject

b. Make a schedule for studying. Use a calendar and stick to it.

c. Take practice exams, review old tests, homework and use Quizlet to generate tests.

d. Kahn Academy is another useful tool.

e. Get at least two study sessions in with your instructor for each class

Want help developing a finals preparation plan? Email me at or go to my website

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