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How are the AP's going to look in 2021

This year is going to be a little different for the AP exams. There will be a traditional paper-based, full length test taken in the classroom. I suggest most students take this exam. I believe it will be similar to what the study guide books are preparing you for. There will also be the option to have a mixture of in-school and at home digital option. Lastly, there will be the option have a digital exam at home.

Paper based exams, will be given in school at a specific time to be announced. Digital tests, will begin synchronously worldwide.

Regularly check the College Board's news and updates section for information and free practice resources.

Familiarize yourself with the test format. Analyze the way you take tests and allow yourself enough time at the end of you AP exam to check your work. Study selectively. The best strategy is to selectively study portions of the course that you find the most challenging and review what you are confident in.

Create a personalized schedule. Schedule blocks of time to study with regular breaks.

Techniques like, flashcards for vocabulary and summarizing key primary documents when addressing free-response questions help. Also be clear and concise when writing. Despite these cues, it can be easy to wander astray in your response, especially when you are rushing or under stress. Therefore, always revisit the prompt once you are done writing and use the boldface words as a checklist to ensure you have addressed each prompt properly.

Finally, I cannot recommend Quizlet enough. It affords you the opportunity to make your own flashcards, and then quiz yourself to see where you need improvement. Other websites worth checking out are Khan Academy, College Board's AP exam information page and YouTube. All have excellent resources to help with the study process. You can always email or call me if you need additional help.

For your convenience, here are the previously released materials pages for some of the most popular AP exams:

  • 2012 AP Lit Exam

  • 1999 AP Lit Exam

  • 1987 AP Lit Exam

  • 2008 AP Chem Exam

  • 2002 AP Chem Exam (multiple choice only)

  • 1999 AP Chem Exam

  • 1994 AP Chem Exam

  • 2017 APUSH Exam

  • 2015 APUSH Exam

  • 2008 APUSH Exam

  • 2016 AP Psych Exam

  • 2012 AP Psych Exam

  • 1999 AP Psych Exam

  • 1994 AP Psych Exam

  • 2013 AP Bio Exam

  • 1999 AP Bio Exam

  • 2012 AP Stats Exam

  • 1997 AP Stats Exam

  • 2008 AP Enviro Exam ($30 at the College Board store)

  • 1998 AP Enviro Exam

  • 2014 AP Calc AB Sample Questions

  • 2012 AP Calc AB Exam

  • 1998 AP Calc AB Exam

  • 1988 AP Calc AB Exam

  • 2018 AP US Gov Exam

  • 2013 AP US Gov Exam

  • 2012 AP US Gov Exam

  • 2009 AP US Gov Exam

  • 2005 AP US Gov Exam

  • 1999 AP US Gov Exam

  • 2012 AP Macro Exam

  • 1995 AP Macro Exam

We've also gathered some practice question and exam materials for you here:

  • AP World History

  • AP Psychology

  • AP Biology

  • AP Chemistry

  • AP US History

  • AP English Language and Composition

  • AP Human Geography

  • AP English Literature and Composition

With a solid approach to practice exams, staying on schedule and being diligent you will have a positive experience with the exam. Good Luck!!

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