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Course Work

Everyday students are faced with enormous amounts of schoolwork and many times  they are not organized enough to get through it all. Many children have a fear of advocating for themselves. Combine this with after-school programs, tests and projects, your child can easily become anxious, overwhelmed and disorganized. The best way to deal with these issues is to create an effective working relationship with and educational specialist.

 My first step is focusing on the short term by improving studying efficiency, improving grades and getting the student back on the correct path. Then, I focus on the longterm by getting students to become self-sufficient. Students are all different types of learners therefore my tutoring program is customized to individual needs.


  • Time Management

  • Study Skills

  • Goal setting and meeting goals

  • Creating and keeping deadlines

  • Making schedules

  • Productivity


  • Arithmetic & Fundamentals

  • Algebra


  • Active Reading Skills

  • Grammar

  • Essay Writing

  • Sentence Structure

  • Margin Notes

  • Note Taking Skills


  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Environmental Science

Social Sciences

  • US History

  • Psychology

  • Economics

  • Government

  • Global Studies

Homework Help

Ensuring that your child is staying on-task and working diligently through his or her nightly assignments can be an exhausting battle, particularly when it’s waged after a long day’s work. Doubt can have a severe impact on a student's motivation to learn. Younger students who are struggling academically often adopt defense mechanisms to hide confusion and deficiencies from their parents, a psychological strategy that only complicates matters.

If your elementary/middle school or high school student would benefit from additional attention after school, I am prepared to commit several evenings a week as a homework helper. I can help your child with time management issues, effective focus strategies and organizational skills.  In addition, I can assist with homework assignments, explaining material that may be challenging for your child.

Admission Services

Admission Services includes helping you to:

  • Find a school that best suits your student's needs with a focus on cost, financial aid opportunities, curriculum and location.

  • Develop essay subjects and strategies, guiding your child throughout the entire writing process.

  • Identify and select the appropriate standardized admissions examinations.

  • Make your child's application stand out.


Counseling support can be instrumental in determining the best school match for your child and developing a successful application strategy. Emphasis is placed on reviewing school options, tailoring an application to an individual school's preferences, helping to select a topic and write a stand-out application essay, selecting the appropriate standardized and admission exam.

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